How can we help you?

We provide a lot of different services, see below for just a few of them.

Consulting for Design and Updates

System Updates

Our experience with simulator and visual systems is a benefit when it comes to upgrades. 

Be it a new or updated version of a visual system, a projector upgrade, or a simulator system upgrade, we have the experience and knowledge to design, source and manage any given project.

Simulator Relocations and Consulting

Relocation Services

We work with our customers to plan and manage a complete turnkey relocation from baseline checks, dismantle, packing and shipping for road, sea or airfreight, to re-installation, commissioning, and certification. 

If you prefer, we can also just manage and plan any of the services listed separately.

Simulator Relocation Planning and Facility Integration

Relocation Services

We can plan and manage small and large simulator projects.

From a single relocation to a complete training centre, we have experience in all situations. 

We specialise in difficult projects and have planned and managed multiple relocations for several manufacturers and blue-chip training providers; including working alongside their architects on facility design and modification to meet the specific requirements for a project.

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