Andy Wilson

Technical Director, SME

Andy started his working life as an apprentice engineer with Hellmann Electric. He studied mechanical and electrical engineering, hydraulics and pneumatics and finished his time with Hellmann in the special product development department. 
When the company relocated, Andy worked as a development engineer for a small specialized company for a brief period before joining Rediffusion Simulation. 

Andy’s career at Rediffusion, Hughes, TTS, Thales spanned 21 years working in multiple aspects of the business before being promoted to the position of visual production & installation manager. 

On leaving Thales he applied his knowledge to designing and developing fiberglass & carbon fibre racing hulls before joining Rotran Simulator logistics as the Programs Director. There he planned, managed, and executed over 250 flight simulator relocations across the world. 

In 2007 Andy joined Q4 Services where he opened the UK office as one of the founding members. He was instrumental in the design and development of the SupraVue and DirectVue visual system and back projection screen product lines, along with visual system modification and upgrades where he was the engineering Director SME for their collimation product line and device relocation services. He quickly became the “go to person” for product integration and manufacturing questions. When Q4 consolidated its operation into the USA, Andy retired and decided to put his decades of experience in the industry to good use and set up AW Flight Simulation Services.

Our Service to you

Contact AWFSS today to discuss your specific needs, and find out how we can help you deliver your project quickly and efficiently with our expert knowledge and experience.

What we do

The flight simulator business is both high tech and unique, there are often many aspects on a given project to consider; not just the simulator itself but also the facility and regulations. 

At AWFSS we have the expert knowledge and experience to guide you through all aspects.

Our knowledge

With over 40 years’ experience in the industry working in simulator and visual system manufacturing and managing a specialist company relocating simulators all over the world. 

AWFSS have a wealth of knowledge to bring to your flight simulator project.

Our experience

At AWFSS we look at each project as a partnership. 

We listen to your needs and requirements and use our vast experience to meet or exceed performance specifications for projects; consistently delivering every time. 

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